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Security Ontology-based Learning

Goal | SLOB

Research Goal

Finding and delivering a coherent set of relevant, conceptually connected learning resources in different formats from different data sources is a challenging problem for information integration. We develop semantic approach to build integrated Security Knowledge Network of online cyber security learning resources. The learning resources are gathered across different data sources and semantically annotated and connected with each other to provide integrated learning resources based on concepts, and other factors. We will leverage the Linked Data principles for developing the Security Learning Knowledge Network.


  • SLOB: Cyber Security Learning by Ontology Browser


  • Soon Chun
  • James Geller

SLOB: Cyber Security Learning by Ontology Browsing

SLOB is a learning tool to search and browse open cyber security learning resources from the Web, using cyber security ontology. The goal is to crawl and build a semantic linked data of cyber security learning objects, including Youtube video, open learning slides and other security related web resources. This ontology driven learning tool allows student to relate the security concepts, definitions and multi-modal learning materials related to the concept.

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