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  • ISI 315 Information Security and Risk Management -- A new course (originally as BUS315) is developed by Prof. Chun and it has been approved in Spring 2014 at CSI. This course was first offered in Fall 2015, and it is offered in Fall 2016 with more than ten students. It will be offered regularly every fall semester. It is one of the four required concentration area courses for the ISI majors who choose the informatics concentration. Students who choose to concentrate on the software development can choose this course to fulfill one of four elective course requirements.

  • ACC725 Forensic Accounting- Graduate level course (offered in Spring semesters)

Summer Camp

In years 2013 and 2015, Prof. Chun has led the summer camp in collaboration with researchers and graduate students at Rutgers University on the online security and privacy related themes to raise awareness of security and privacy problems and solutions. Rutgers CIMIC is a research center for Information Mangement, Integration and Connectivity. Each year the center holds an outreach summer camp program for Newark inner city middle and high school students on technology driven themes.
Open Data Analytics and Cyber Security Camp 2016 Open Data Analytics and Cyber Security: Building a smart city
Data Analytics: Security and Privacy Challenges & Risks Camp 2015 Data Analytics: Security and Privacy Challenges & Risks
Online Privacy and Security Camp 2014 Online Privacy and Security
2013-logo Camp 2013 Data Analytics & Information Assurance

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